About us

Cams’z, is Camille’s and his novel idea to give a Simple, Easy with a Professional approach to his client’s Sound, Light & Video Ideas & Strategies . Camsz brings to you Entertainment from at home to contemporary concert styled entertainment productions from a technical aspect. Also has a vast expertise and experience in Producing Records, Recording  & Mixing services for a wide range of different styles of music and budgets. Combining the best of digital and analog. He believes in giving you the best of both worlds, Live Sound & the Best in Studio Gear, at a budget of your choice.

Cams’z also offers a hybrid approach to using the most current and past technologies. For more info contact me at info@camsz.in  Services like Production & Production Design, Recording/s, Live Sound Engineer, Stereo & Surround Mixes, Audio Mastering, Live Concerts, Technical Design et-al All under one roof.

A key element we love is Design with Technology, designing a concept for your Music Concerts, Studio, Home or Live Broadcast projects. Delivered with Style and keeping in mind, the key being Safety & International Standards.